Africana Studies

  • Graduating students

  • Program Designation: Minor

    Program Contact: BioDun Ogundayo

    Academic Division: Communication and the Arts

    Program Description:

    The Africana Studies Minor provides students with the academic and intellectual tools and skills to learn about, reassess, and deepen their knowledge and understanding of peoples of African descent (the Black Diaspora) in the United States and the Caribbean. Courses taught will reflect the gamut of historical, sociological and cultural contributions of these peoples to the richness and diversity of these modern regions of our globe. The minor, academically rigorous and experiential, includes opportunities for research and conference presentations.  Courses are drawn from several disciplines to reflect the variety and diversity of the African-American Experience.

    Minor Requirements

    A minor in Africana Studies may be earned by completing the following requirements (one course must be an upper-level):


    Cultural Perspectives (choose four courses):

    Sociological, Behavioral, Historical Perspectives (choose one course):

    Total Credits: 18