Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is here to support and foster your intellectual and personal growth and help you explore and experience the different aspects of college life. We care about you, your studies, your social growth, your well-being and your future and want to help you enjoy a great Pitt-Bradford experience.

Student Complaint Process

Our goal is that students are satisfied with the education and services received at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. If you do have a concern about any aspect of your experience - services received, quality of instruction, interaction with faculty/staff - you may follow our complaint process to seek resolution or be heard.

Informal resolution

The first step should be to try to resolve the issue informally. If your complaint is about an instructor or specific staff member at the University, we encourage students to contact them directly.  Students can use the staff directory to find their contact information. Many issues can be resolved with a simple meeting, phone call or email. 

Formal complaint process

If your attempts to resolve the issue informally have failed, you may submit a formal written complaint to the Dean of Students office. Complaints are reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate college administrator for investigation and response. Submit an online complaint form to the Dean of Students office.


Directory View
Amy Bilezikian

Bilezikian, Amy

Director of Student Engagement & Assessment

Student Affairs


Phone: 814-362-7654

Location: 209 Frame-Westerberg Commons

David Fitz

Fitz, David

Interim Dean of Student Affairs

Presidents Cabinet


Phone: 814-362-5119

Location: 222 Frame-Westerberg Commons

Brenden Graulau

Graulau, Brenden

Resident Director

Residential Life and Housing


Phone: 814-362-7653

Location: 214 Frame-Westerberg Commons

Reid Helford

Helford, Reid

Career Educator

Student Affairs


Phone: 814-362-5059

Location: 219 Frame-Westerberg Commons

Kara Kennedy

Kennedy, Kara

Judicial Affairs Special Project Coordinator of Policies & Accountability

Student Affairs


Phone: 814-362-5057

Location: Student Affairs Conference Room

Nathan Lawyer

Lawyer, Nathan

Resident Director

Residential Life and Housing

Student Affairs


Phone: 814-362-5103

Location: 212 Frame-Westerberg Commons

Shannon Ridenour

Ridenour, Shannon

Club Accounts Assistant, Office of Student Engagement

Student Engagement


Phone: 814-362-7593

Location: 206 Frame-Westerberg Commons

Melissa Stiles

Stiles, Melissa

Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs & Career Services

Student Affairs

Career Services


Phone: 814-362-7651

Location: 220 Frame-Westerberg Commons

Angela Wolfe

Wolfe, Angela

Director of Leadership Development

Student Affairs


Phone: 814-362-7650

Location: Commons 234

Emilee Yormick

Yormick, Emilee

Director of the First Year Experience

Residential Life and Housing


Phone: 814-362-5196

Location: 210 Frame-Westerberg Commons