Upcoming Events

Alberto Rey Portrait

Alberto Rey Biological Regionalism Virtual Art Exhibition

The exhibition includes a series of large paintings, water samples and related data, historical information, ecological research, large maps, video projections, process work samples, related programming and presentations along with selections from Alberto’s past works. The installation explores the history and the present condition of the several creeks and bodies of water in Western New York and beyond.

To access the artist’s work, Click Here.

Baily's Beads Magazine Celebration

Mukaiyama University Room, FWC

Pitt-Bradford’s annual magazine, Baily’s Beads, will be unveiled with refreshments, prizes, readings by Baily’s Beads contributors and an open mic for anyone who wants to share original work. 

Pitt-Bradford Faculty and Staff Recital

Studio Theater, Blaisdell Hall

They are not only creative through their day jobs; our faculty and staff have other creative talents too. Come experience their passion for music as they perform both vocal and instrumental selections.  

Pax Rwanda

Pax Rwanda: Embroideries of the Women of Savane Rutongo-Kabuye – Art Exhibition

KOA Art Gallery. Blaisdell Hall

The embroideries of the workshop known as Savane Rutongo-Kabuye were created by a group of Rwandan women living in the aftermath of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis.  They came from both sides of the conflict, yet they put the events of the past behind them to work together in the hope that their children would have a better future. Experience the story of how these exquisite pieces are made which is as captivating as the work itself.

Charlie and Michael

Charlie Schulman, Playwright and Michael Roberts, writer, composer, lyricist

Mukaiyama University Room, FWC

Michael Roberts and Charlie Schulman will discuss the journey of their musical, GOLDSTEIN, from the earliest project conception to its Off-Broadway opening and The Off-Broadway Original Cast Album. The creative and practical aspects of writing and producing will be discussed with a Q&A to follow.