Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association represents the entire student body.

SGA is for students--all students. However, there is a difference between being a member of SGA and participating as a voting member. Students who want to have a vote in the decision-making process can run and/or be selected for SGA Executive Board, Senator or Club Representative positions.

Each year there are vacancies that need to be filled by students like you. Getting elected to SGA is relatively easy and rewarding. Making a difference depends on your your commitment to working for your fellow students. SGA's success depends on the time and energy that each student is willing to commit. As an SGA voting member, you donate your time to school service, but you will also enjoy many beneficial experiences that will serve you well on both a personal and professional level.

SGA is made up of three parts:

  1. Every student on campus. That means you can attend an SGA meeting to get information or talk about something that interests you.
  2. The elected legislative body. This group recommends and votes on relevant issues and policies related to student life.
  3. The elected executive board. The board leads SGA under the guidance of their advisor, the Dean of Students. It also serves as a liaison between students and the faculty and administration.

What does SGA do?

SGA has the ability to help shape the university's policies and procedures. SGA has previously made recommendations on:

  • The university's master plan to help shape the physical make-up of Pitt-Bradford
  • The Planning and Budgeting Committee, working with faculty and staff to plan the university's budget
  • Faculty and staff searches

SGA also:

  • Distributes more than $75,000 to SGA-sponsored clubs and organizations on campus
  • Holds forums with the University president and her cabinet to discuss issues
  • Conducts campus surveys to inform the administration of issues concerning the students
  • Keeps students informed about key issues that have an impact on them

How Do You Get Involved?

  • Remember that as a student you're already a member of SGA.
  • If you would like to become a voting member, sign up during our bi-annual Club Night at the beginning of each semester or contact us.
  • Senators participate in one of nine student committees:
    • Academic Advisory
    • Student Life & Engagement
    • Commuter & Non-Traditional Students
    • CTM Services
    • Facilities & Maintenance
    • Food and Dining
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Sports, Intramurals & Wellness
    • Media

Student Government Association Mission Statement

The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Student Government Association serves as the representative body for every student, whether they are resident or commuter, traditional or non-traditional, of full- or part-time status.  SGA charges itself as the advocate for students' diverse interests and welfare, and will be responsive to the vast needs of clubs and organizations on campus.  SGA vows to foster active engagement and bridge the gap between students and University faculty, staff, and administration. The Pitt-Bradford Student Government Association is your voice to go beyond the classroom, beyond involvement, and beyond leadership.

For more information, email the Director of Student Engagement, Amy Bilezikian at