Emily Reams

An environmental studies major from Bradford.

Emily Reams gardening

Emily loves the outdoors. She loves the outdoors so much that she’s doing everything she can to preserve and protect it.

She worked on campus as an intern to coordinate sustainability initiatives on campus, which included completing the Tree Campus USA application (It was a success; Pitt-Bradford is a Tree Campus USA) to meeting with recycling bin manufacturers.

“I learned a fair amount about plants and trees over the summer, and I also learned about the many sustainability initiatives on campus. The internship allowed me to see the difference small actions can make.”

Emily also helped to plan and plant a pollinator garden on campus, which provides milkweeds, nectar sources, and shelter to sustain monarch butterflies. Her garden was certified and registered by Monarch Watch as an official Monarch Waystation.

She didn’t limit her efforts to just campus. Emily and several other students planted reeds at Bradford’s sewage treatment plant. The reeds’ dense root system breaks down the sludge, which means the reed beds essentially eliminate the need to truck the sludge to the local landfill.  

“I love that Pitt-Bradford has the small-town feel to it while being surrounded by the woods. Students also can really make an impact on this campus.”

Emily also loves her major.

“The best part about my major is that it’s an active major. There’s always a way for me to get out into the field and learn.”

Small groups of people have the power to make a big difference.