Dr. Jonathan Chitiyo

Johnathan Chitiyo
Dr. Jonathan Chitiyo
Associate Professor of Education
Director of Teacher Education

Division of Management and Education

Contact Information:
Phone: 814-362-5153
Location: 151 Swarts Hall

Degrees and Credentials

Ph.D. Special Education, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
M.S.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 
B.A. Environmental Studies, Africa University, Zimbabwe

Short Bio

Dr. Chitiyo's teaching experience started in Zimbabwe and Malawi, where he served as a substitute high school teacher before moving to the USA to pursue graduate studies.

His research interests include the implementation of different school-based practices (i.e., school-wide positive behavior support), inclusive education, factors affecting the education of vulnerable students, and the development of special education systems in developing countries.

Research, Accomplishments, and Publications

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