• ResNet is the computer network that allows you to connect to  university resources, educational networks and the Internet from the comfort of your dorm room. Every building on campus is equipped with wireless network access. In addition, each dorm room is outfitted with one network port per bed, providing an "always on" high speed connection to the information you need.

    If you are experiencing a problem with your RESNET connection, you can report it  here

    In order to ensure the best quality of service, policies and procedures have been defined that need to be followed by all students who use ResNet. Violation of any policy can result in suspension from ResNet.

    • All equipment, including but not limited to the wiring and wall jacks shall not be altered.
    • Students may only connect one end user computer device per port.  
    • Students are not permitted to connect router, switches, hubs or access points to ResNet.
    • Students are expressly prohibited from attaching a server to any network connection in the residence halls.

    In addition a policy has been defined regarding Copyright Infringement:

    Copyright Infringement - The entire policy can be viewed here; a summary is below.

    • First Offense - Student will have five (5) days to respond and remove the content from their computer.
    • Second Offense - Technology Recourses are suspended for up to 100 days/one academic term.
    • Third Offense - Technology Recourses Terminated for one academic term and disciplinary suspension (minimum of one term).
    • Fourth Offense - Disciplinary Dismissal.