Campus receives grant from Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

Pitt-Bradford has received a grant from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to provide alcohol-free activities and educational programs.

Pitt-Bradford is one of 44 institutions to receive a grant through the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's 2019-20 Alcohol Education Grant Program. The university's grant is $18,902.

“We're committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our students, and this grant will go a long way in educating students about alcohol and in reducing underage and dangerous alcohol consumption,” said Dr. Scott Kane, vice president and dean of student affairs.

The university will select student peer educators to assist in the achievement of the grant goals. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services Inc. of Bradford has agreed to provide training to the peer educators as needed.

The university will use grant money to survey students about attitudes and behaviors regarding alcohol use. The peer educators, as well as the educational and social norms marketing campaign, will use these data to identify areas of concern for targeted programming initiatives.

Specific activities will include programs at residence hall meetings, new student orientation, Greek life new member orientation, athletic team assemblies, and activities throughout the year open to all students on campus. The university will use grant money to pay a graduate intern supervisor and peer educators for their work on these programs and activities.

Coordinated by a graduate student intern, the peer educators will collaborate with residential advisors, intercollegiate athletics, Greek life and freshman orientation to provide targeted programs and activities for those at-risk populations.