Transportation for Spring Recess

  • Tickets go on sale, Monday, February 5. Deadline for ticket sales is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16 (EARLIER IF THE BUS FILLS UP).

    Spring Recess runs from Saturday, March 3 through Sunday, March 11.

    On Friday, March 2, the bus from Bradford to Pittsburgh will depart Pitt-Bradford from the Frame-Westerberg Commons at 10:30 am, arriving at Pitt-Oakland by 3 pm. All buses to other destinations will depart Pitt-Oakland at 4:15 pm.

    Because the bus departs Bradford on a class day, any student taking the bus must make satisfactory arrangements in advance with their professors for any missed work in those Friday classes they are unable to attend. Taking the bus will not automatically excuse one from classes, and excuses will not be written or given for this purpose.

    On Sunday, March 11, returning buses from distant cities should arrive in Pittsburgh by 6 pm, with the bus to Bradford departing Pitt-Oakland at 6 pm or later (depending on the arrival time of the last connecting bus carrying Pitt-Bradford students) and arriving at Pitt-Bradford by 10:30 pm.

    The bus from Bradford to Pittsburgh and back holds 55 persons maximum. Reservations will not be taken beyond 55, and once the bus is full, we cannot take any additional reservations. It is thus important to get your reservation in (with payment) as soon as possible beginning Monday, February 5 (see details below).

    Destinations served, and round-trip ticket prices from Pittsburgh to that destination and back to Pittsburgh are as follows. One-way tickets are available also, but cost approximately 75% of the price of a round-trip ticket. One-way prices appear in parentheses below.

    • Allentown, PA:  $ 135 RT ($ 100 one-way)
    • Breezewood, PA:  $ 115 RT ($ 85 one-way)
    • Erie, PA:  $ 105 RT ($ 80 one-way)
    • Frederick, MD:  $ 135 RT ($ 100 one-way)
    • Harrisburg, PA:  $ 115 RT ($ 85 one-way)
    • King of Prussia, PA:  $ 135 RT ($ 100 one-way)
    • New York, NY:  $ 160 RT ($ 120 one-way)
    • Philadelphia, PA:  $ 135 RT ($ 100 one-way)
    • Pittsburgh, PA:  No Charge, but $40 seat reservation fee required ($20 for each direction)
    • Scranton, PA:  $ 135 RT ($ 100 one-way)
    • Seacaucus, NJ:  $ 160 RT ($ 120 one-way)
    • Washington, DC:  $ 135 RT ($ 100 one-way)

    Students may also get to the following destinations using this service, although it would be significantly longer travel time than using available commercial bus transportation through Fullington Trailways from the local Bradford bus station, which has one daily bus running from Bradford to Buffalo.

    • Buffalo, NY:  $ 135 RT ($ 100 one-way)—via Pittsburgh
    • Rochester, NY:  $ 160 RT ($ 120 one-way)--via Pittsburgh

    In addition to the cost of your ticket listed above, each student making a reservation will be required to pay a $20 reservation deposit, which will be refunded to you when you board the bus in Bradford on March 2. Students not arriving to take the bus will forfeit the $20 reservation deposit, as well as the cost of their ticket. (For students traveling to/from Pittsburgh only, due to the fact that there is no cost for your ticket, your reservation fee is $40, with $20 being refunded to you when you board the bus in Bradford on March 2, and the remaining $20 being refunded to you beginning Tuesday, March 13, two days after you have arrived back in Bradford. Students traveling from Pittsburgh and not utilizing their bus seat will forfeit the reservation fee.)

    To take advantage of this service, BEGINNING ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, you must come to the Student Activities Office (206 Commons) and meet with Shannon Ridenour between the hours of 9 am and Noon, or 1 pm and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Tickets and reservation fee (or a reservation fee for Pittsburgh only) must be paid for by cash or check at the time you make your reservation. THE DEADLINE FOR BUS TICKET SALES IS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16 AT 4:30 P.M.

    In Pittsburgh, you will be dropped off on Bigelow Boulevard across Fifth Avenue from the Cathedral of Learning. For those connecting to other buses, you will cross Fifth Avenue and board your destination bus in front of the William Pitt Union, where there will be University of Pittsburgh staff persons to assist you. To find out the time of arrival in and departure from your destination city back to Bradford, please go to the following link:

    Also, please be advised that Pitt-Bradford students traveling to destination cities beyond Pittsburgh will take the 4:15 pm buses out of Pittsburgh. Upon your return, the Pitt-Bradford bus will be waiting for you on Bigelow Boulevard across Fifth Avenue from the Cathedral of Learning, and will depart at about 6 pm or thereafter for Bradford, depending on the arrival time of the last connecting bus carrying Pitt-Bradford students. It is your responsibility to go directly from your arriving bus to the Pitt-Bradford bus to check-in and board the bus. If you miss the bus, it will be your responsibility to find a ride back to Bradford on your own.

    Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

    James Evans, Ph.D. 
    300 Campus Drive 
    Bradford, PA   16701-289 
    PHONE: (814) 362-7650 
    FAX: (814) 362-7518