Recess Transportation

  • Pitt-Bradford will once again be partnering with Pitt-Oakland to provide transportation back and forth to a number of locations for Spring Break (March 9-17).  Pitt-Bradford will provide a bus that will travel to the Pitt-Oakland campus on Friday, March 8th with connections to longer distance buses that will reach their destinations the same day.  Likewise, Pitt-Bradford will have a bus waiting in Pittsburgh on  to meet the returning buses when they arrive at Pitt-Oakland from their various destinations that evening. sunday,>

    Please keep in mind that because the bus departs Bradford on FRIDAY, MARCH 8th, a class day, any student taking the bus must make satisfactory arrangements in advance with their professors for any missed work in those Friday classes they are unable to attend.  Taking the bus will not automatically excuse one from classes, and excuses will not be written or given for this purpose.


    Bus Tickets will go on sale beginning Monday, February 18th.

    1. You can reserve your ticket to/from Pitt-Bradford and Pitt-Oakland in the Panther Shop in the Frame-Westerberg Commons through Wednesday, March 6th, or until all seats are filled.  There is a $20 one-way ($40 round-trip) deposit required at the time of the reservation (cash, check or credit card) which will be refunded after Spring Break (note--students who pay the deposit but fail to show up for the bus will forfeit this deposit).  
    2. Students traveling beyond Pittsburgh must purchase an ADDITIONAL TICKET for the bus on FRIDAY, MARCH 8th 4:15 PM departure from Pittsburgh to their final destination (do not purchase a ticket for the 2pm departure as the bus from Bradford will not arrive in Pittsburgh early enough to make that departure time!!!). Those tickets are ONLY available on-line with credit/debit card payment at: .  

    IF YOU HAVE TO CANCEL THIS TICKET FOR ANY REASON (i.e. selected wrong departure time or wrong destination, found alternative transportation, don’t have a seat on the bus from Bradford to Pittsburgh), THERE IS A $10 CANCELLATION FEE.


    On Friday, March 8th, check-in for the bus from Bradford to Pittsburgh is at 10am in Frame-Westerberg Commons.  The bus will arrive at Pitt-Oakland about 3pm.  All buses to other destinations will depart Pitt-Oakland at 4:15 pm.

    In Pittsburgh, you will be dropped off on Bigelow Boulevard across Fifth Avenue from the Cathedral of Learning.  For those connecting to other buses, you will cross Fifth Avenue and board your destination bus on Bigelow Boulevard between the Cathedral of Learning and William Pitt Union, where there will be University of Pittsburgh staff persons to assist you.  To find out the time of arrival in and departure from your destination city back to Bradford, please go to the following link:

    On Sunday, March 17th, returning buses estimated arrival time in Pittsburgh is 6pm, with the bus arriving at Pitt-Bradford about 10:30pm (depending on the arrival time of the last connecting bus carrying Pitt-Bradford students).

    Upon your return, the Pitt-Bradford bus will be waiting for you on Bigelow Boulevard across Fifth Avenue from the Cathedral of Learning, and will depart at about 6pm or shortly thereafter for Bradford, depending on the arrival time of the last connecting bus carrying Pitt-Bradford students.  It is your responsibility to go directly from your arriving bus to the Pitt-Bradford bus to check-in and board the bus.


    • Seats are limited (capacity of the bus is 56 persons maximum).

    Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.  If you need to change your reservation to/from Pitt-Bradford and Pitt Oakland, contact the Student Activities Office.  If you need to change your reservation made on-line, there is a $10 cancellation fee and you must follow the procedures outlined in the Cancellation Policy on-line.

    Dean Kane