Where to Start

  • Student and professor

  • It's never too early to start planning your internship. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin the process.

    First of all, take the time to think about why, when and where you would like to do your internship. Ask yourself:

    1. What field of study and subject area interests you most?

    2. Do you want your internship to relate to your major field of study or career interests? 

    3. What are your professional goals, and what skills and competencies do you hope to develop?

    Be sure to check with your academic advisor about the university and departmental requirements for internships in your major. Work closely with faculty members so you will be sure to design an academically sound internship plan.

    Secondly, visit Career Services to obtain internship information and help in identifying potential sites. The staff at Career Services can help you develop a professional resume. If you have any questions, you can contact Career Services at 814-362-7651, or email Melissa Stiles at mas292@pitt.edu.

    Keep in mind that the time and effort you spend planning your internship is equally as important as the time you will spend actually completing the internship.

    Procedure for Student Identified Internship Opportunities:

    • Identify a potential opportunity for an internship
    • Meet with a faculty member in your major to discuss the opportunity and to determine if it is appropriate and worthy of internship credit (and the number of credit hours being sought)
    • Agree with your faculty supervisor and site supervisor what your responsibilities, learning objectives, outcome expectations, method of assessment, and credit hours (if applicable) will be
    • Based on that agreement, complete an internship form and submit it to the dean of Academic Affairs with all required signatures
    • Once the dean approves it, the form is forwarded to Enrollment Services for processing
    • Complete your internship, including all objectives identified in the internship agreement