Hands-On Learning

  • Go beyond the classroom and get your hands dirty.

    We'll give you many hands-on learning opportunities while you're here. Here are just a few examples:

    • Scrape bark from a nearby tree to find and analyze the tiny plants called liverworts and the small creatures called rotifers that live within the plants' leaves. 
    • Make a bowl or pot in our ceramic arts studio.
    • Build a contraction to hold an egg then toss if from the roof of our science building to see if what you've built will keep the egg from breaking.
    • Dig for artifacts at the site a former sawmill village.
    • Write news stories for The Source, our student newspaper, or poetry and prose for Baily's Beads, our  literary magazine.
    • Help paint a mural in one of the buildings on campus or downtown.
    • Learn to fly fish in the creek that runs along the southern border of campus.

    The possibilities are endless. It's all in your hands.