Hall Events

  • Students in front of Residence Hall

  • Resident Assistants provide 3 types of programs each semester:

    • Section programs (for the 30+ students in each section)
    • Campus-wide (Tunnel of Oppression, Drag Show, etc.)
    • Late night programs (weekends)

    If you have a suggestion for a program please email Emilee Yormick (@ejy8@pitt.edu), Assistant Director of Residence Life

    Your apartment on campus is your home away from home.  

    You can participate in: 

    • cookouts
    • bowling outings
    • pizza parties
    • holiday celebrations
    • volleyball games
    • bonfires
    • pool parties
    • ice cream socials
    • board games
    • video game tournaments
    • diversity dinners

    Our resident advisors also plan educational programming to help you learn beyond the classroom. In those sessions, you can learn more about: 

    • academics
    • career exploration
    • health and wellness 
    • alcohol awareness
    • safety issues

    These are just some of the programs that take place on campus; resident advisors are always developing new and exciting events for you to enjoy! If you have an idea for a program or event, contact your resident advisor.