• Students and teacher

  • We consider diversity to be a central part of our academic mission.  Courses throughout our curriculum welcome a variety of voices and points of view and incorporate texts from many perspectives. In courses ranging from composition, creative writing, literature, and art to philosophy, political science, anthropology,  nursing, and management and education seek to present ideas, students:

    • explore ideas from nondominant viewpoints;
    • examine issues related to social movements, diverse cultures, prejudice and discrimination; 
    • apply critical lenses of  gender, sexuality, class, and race;
    • learn to articulate their own unique perspectives and engage with a wide range of ideas. 

    Here is a list of specific courses that reflect focuses on diverse groups, cultures, and social issues.

    The faculty of the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is proud to affirm its dedication to providing high-quality teaching in a friendly, inclusive, safe, diverse and student-focused academic environment. We, the members of the faculty, support all of our Pitt-Bradford students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members, and we do so in accordance with university policy as well as our with campus mission, our campus vision, and, most importantly, with our campus values. Together we stand firm in our commitment to equality of opportunity, human dignity and diversity; to intellectual freedom and curiosity; to individual responsibility and mutual respect; to environmental and economic stability; and to providing leadership and service to our local and global communities.