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    The WalkWorks program in McKean County promotes opportunities for physical activity through walking.  The Pennsylvania Department Health, partnered with the University Of Pittsburgh Graduate School Of Public Health and Pitt-Bradford’s Center for Rural Health Practice to identify walkable routes throughout the county. McKean County boasts 5 walking routes in 5 different communities.  The 2016 initiative seeks to establish a route in Eldred.

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    For a Map of each route, select the community:




    Mount Jewett

    Port Allegany


    Signs are placed to promote the walking routes in each community.  Look for the larger signs in each town, with a map of the route.  The QR code on the map, at the start of the route, can be scanned with a smart phone to link to online information. Smaller directional signs have been placed along the route to guide walkers. Soon Wayfinding signs will be available to communities to promote pedestrian tourism.  As you travel through McKean County and across Pennsylvania, watch for WalkWorks signs. Stop, scan, and walk the route.

    Bradford SignKane Sign

    Port Allegany SignSmethport Sign


    WalkWorks is a local walking program for people of all ages and abilities.  Walking is one of the most popular options for physical activity.  


    • Requires no special equipment
    • Saves gasoline and reduces CO2 emissions
    • It helps you lose or maintain your weight 
    • Provides stress relief
    • Helps to  lower blood pressure
    • Reverses normal age-related memory loss
    • Delays the development of Alzheimer's disease
    • Improves your ability to manage arthritis
    • Improves mood, aids in fighting depression

    By becoming a part of WalkWorks, you can improve your health, socialize with friends and family
    and enjoy the scenery in your community.

    Kane WalkersSmethport Walkers

    The Walking Revolution - http://everybodywalk.org/documentary

    Walking Groups are now forming in McKean County.  Each community has the opportunity to form walking groups by completing registration forms and working with a group leader.  Schools, clubs and civic organizations are encouraged to participate as well as local businesses and groups of citizens who are interested in walking with others. Studies show that walking with others provides a support system as well as socialization through physical activity.  Anyone can form a group. Just set your pace, set your date and time, and walk.  WalkWorks registration helps your group to track your progress.

    Walking Group Leader Guide

    Registration Form

    Group Log

    Personal Activity Log

    Walking Group Tips


    Mt. Jewett Walkers