Academic Proficiency Testing

  • Student and Counselor

  • Each academic year, the Office of Academic Affairs offers the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) test to measure and evaluate academic achievement in our general education program. CAAP has been developed by ACT and is a standardized and nationally normed assessment program for postsecondary institutions. 

    2016-2017 Academic Year: Critical Thinking

    This year, students enrolled in Capstone courses are invited to test their knowledge and skills in clarifying, analyzing, evaluating, and extending arguments. This is a volunteer opportunity giving students the option to participate in either the fall or spring terms. In exchange for participating, attendees will receive:

    • a chance to enhance their resume or portfolio through an external evaluation of skills they have developed as a UPB student
    • a certificate of achievement to help participants stand out in a competitive job market

    Only students enrolled in Capstone courses are eligible to participate.   

    Fall 2016 CAAP Test Dates: Monday, October 24th-Thursday, November 24th.

    Spring 2017 CAAP Test Dates: TBA

    ACT offers tips and resources on how to prepare and do your best on test day!