Bravo Company, Seneca Battalion Army ROTC

  • Cadets at Pitt-Bradford make up Bravo Company of the Seneca Battalion, the Army ROTC program based at St. Bonaventure University.

    Cadets attend classes and lab, conduct physical and tactical training, participate in military and school ceremonies, and host formal social functions.

    Our cadets are active in community service events and volunteering. Our color guard supports school and local events, and the Gold Bar Club plans and organizes various campus events and competitions.

    To gain an understanding of real life as a cadet, read a couple of our cadet profiles:

    I'm Josh, a 21 year old Criminal Justice Junior from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I came to Pitt Bradford for the excellent Criminal Justice program and was recruited to the soccer team. I was interested in participating in ROTC, and began the course my freshman year, I also became an SMP Cadet by joining the Pennsylvania National Guard. I’m currently the president of a school club and a member of the cross country team. In my free time I enjoy skiing, hiking and biking. Last summer I spent 28 days in Tanzania as a part of the Cultural Understanding and Language Program, and this summer I’ll be attending the Cadet Leadership Course in addition to annual training with my National Guard unit.

    I'm Summer, an 18 year old Freshman Pre-Medicine major from New Jersey. I am in the ROTC program and on the softball team, and I enjoy hanging out with friends and attending some of the school’s events. Over the summer I coach and play softball and enjoy as much time as I can at the beach with family and friends. I came to Pitt-Bradford because I wanted to experience life outside of my hometown, while still maintaining a small-town atmosphere. I decided to do ROTC to gain leadership skills and expand my knowledge further than I would in a regular college course.