Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) Early Acceptance Programs

Pitt-Bradford has several Early Acceptance Program affiliation agreements with LECOM. These programs allow a high school student or a current Pitt-Bradford freshman or sophomore to have a seat reserved for them in one of LECOM’s health professions schools.

In a 4+4 program, you attend Pitt-Bradford for the first four years to earn a bachelor’s degree followed by four years at one of LECOM’s health professions schools to earn your doctorate.

In a 3+4 program, you attend Pitt-Bradford for the first three years. After you complete your first year at LECOM, you’ll receive your bachelor’s degree from Pitt-Bradford. Once you complete the remaining three years at LECOM, you’ll receive your doctorate. If you’re accepted into this program, you can save a year’s worth of tuition.

Pitt-Bradford has the following agreements:

LECOM Medical School (MCAT requirement usually waived)

    3 + 4 program
    4 + 4 program

LECOM Dental School

  4 + 4 program

LECOM Pharmacy School

    3 + 4 program
    4 + 4 program

You can access additional information on the academic requirements for the early acceptance programs.

If you meet the minimum academic requirements and you want to apply to one of the LECOM early acceptance programs, you need to request an interview with LECOM and also apply to Pitt-Bradford. The request for an interview and the Pitt-Bradford application can be submitted in either order, but please indicate on the LECOM portal that Pitt-Bradford is your college of choice.

Register your interest in joining a LECOM early acceptance program and request an interview using the LECOM early acceptance program here.

Here are directions on how to apply to Pitt-Bradford:

Once you have been accepted by Pitt-Bradford, paid your deposit, and had a successful interview at LECOM, then LECOM will send you a provisional acceptance letter.

If you have additional questions, please contact Dr. Lauren Yaich (