University Policies and Procedures

  • Grantees are accountable to a number of entities, including Pitt-Bradford, the University of Pittsburgh, the regulations of the sponsoring agency and federal law governing the expenditure of funds.  It is incumbent on the grantee to be aware of such regulations and a role of OSP to advise grantees on compliance issues. 

    The following resource provides information on procedure, policy and regulation.

    Additional Procedures: 

    • Routing of Documentation:  All documentation related to a sponsored account should route through the OSP before being sent off-campus. This allows OSP to maintain a central file on grant accounts which is necessary for sound management and audit preparation. 
    • Change of PI:  When there is a change in a PI, the existing PI will initiate a memo detailing the change and submit it to the Office of Sponsored Programs for submission to the Office of Research.  The Office of Research will co-sign the memo and submit to the funding agency for approval.  
    • Labor Distributions:   At the end of each quarter and upon receipt of any new awards, the Human Resources Office will send a report via email to the Principal Investigator(s) which details the effort reporting and related payroll distribution.  The Principal Investigator(s) will approve the distribution or make adjustments according to established protocol.