Benefits Program Services

  • Students who are accepted and join our program have access to an assigned TRIO SSS Advisor that will help motivate, encourage and support students toward successful completion of their bachelor’s degree.
    Program Services offered:

    • Regular meetings with an assigned TRIO SSS Advisor
    • Academic, personal, financial, and career coaching
    • Development of an Individual Academic Plan each term that outlines student goals
    • Leadership Development courses (1 credit each) to assist students in transitioning and meeting specific goals for each academic level (freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior)
    • Mentoring from our TRIO SSS PACERS (Peer Ambassadors for College Engagement, Retention, and Success)
    • Study skill development and strategies for maintaining and improving grades
    • Graduate and professional school exploration, application guidance, and test preparation
    • Financial literacy and financial aid planning
    • Career exploration, preparation, and readiness
    • Assistance in navigating university practices and opportunities, including major, minor, and course selection, registration, leadership opportunities, and student activities
    • Access to our Computer Learning Lab, software tutorials, and study area
    • Equipment and textbook loans