Steps toward Sustainability

  • Grounds

    Limit Chemical Use by:

        Striving for tree and shrub diversity

        Mulch trees and shrub bed

        Using plants that encourage Beneficials

        Using systemic pest control

        Using mechanical weed control in beds

        Using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices

    Purchase plant material locally

    Use solar power for our water features

    Use natural turf on athletic fields

    Use and continue to upgrade shade trees on buildings

    Tolerate weeds in lawns to keep herbicide use close to zero

    Maintain wild spaces

    Keep inventory of number and health of trees and shrubs

    All lawn clippings mulched in place

    All tree leaves composted

    Use eco-lawn seed mixes that need less mowing, watering, and fertilizing

    Use organic fertilizers

    Sequester 22 million pounds of carbon per year through trees, shrubs, and turf

    Always trying to improve the above practices...

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