Student Payroll FAQ

  • Can a student worker have more than 1 job on campus?

    • No, student workers cannot work more than one job on campus at a time during the academic year.
    • RAs are permitted to also be student workers.

    How many hours can a student work per week?

    • Non-FWS student workers are not permitted to work more than 20 hours per week during the academic year.  During the summer, Non-FWS student workers may work full-time.

    When are student worker timesheets due?

    When are student workers paid?

    What is the process for hiring a new student worker?

    • Supervisors should send a memo or email to the Payroll Office stating:
      • the student worker’s name
      • the student worker’s start date
      • the student worker’s pay rate
      • the account number to be charged
    • Supervisors should contact the Payroll Office to check if the student worker is active on Payroll.  If the student worker is not active in the payroll system, they will need to come to the Payroll Office to complete Payroll paperwork before they begin working.  The supervisor will receive an email from the Payroll Office stating when the student worker may begin working.

    What does a student worker need to bring to the Payroll Office to sign up for payroll?

    • Student workers should bring original forms of ID to satisfy the Federal I-9 form, their original social security card and their bank account information for direct deposit.
    • acceptable forms of identification for the federal I-9 form

    What is the process for hiring returning student workers?

    • To keep payroll records up to date, supervisors should send a memo or email to the Payroll Office each semester with the names, start dates, pay rates and account number to be charged for all of their student workers.
    • Returning student workers should complete the Local Services Exemption form at the beginning of each calendar year.

    What is the process when a student worker quits?

    • Whenever a student worker quits, the supervisor should notify the Payroll Office.  The student worker will need to provide their supervisor with writen notice (letter or email) of their resignation, which should also be forwarded by the supervisor to the Payroll Office.

    Where can I find information on Federal Work-Study student employment?