1. What is ROTC?
      • ROTC stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps. ROTC is a leadership development program offered on campus that gives exceptional college students the opportunity to be commissioned as an officer in the United States Army.

    2. Is there a service obligation?
      • No, not for the first two years of ROTC so you can see if service is the right path for you. 
      • If accepted into the junior year of the program, you will need to agree to serve as an Army officer in the regular Army or serve part-time in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard upon college graduation.

    3. Does ROTC take up all of my time?
      • Absolutely not! ROTC balances leadership training with a normal college life. Our cadets are varsity athletes, leaders of clubs and overall exceptional students.

    4. Can women join ROTC?
      • Yes. Women make up half of our cadets in the Pitt-Bradford ROTC program.

    5. How and when can I join?
      • Register for military science (mils 101 or 102) like any other class at the start of the semester.
      • To become an Army officer, you must complete the junior- and senior-level courses.

    6. What is military science?
      • Military science is the course of study that will prepare you to assume leadership roles both in and out of the military.
      • It's the study of Army leadership, management, planning and professionalism.
      • The curriculum mixes classroom instruction, hands-on application, summer training and internship opportunities.

    7. Do I receive college credit for military science classes?
      • Yes. Army ROTC classes are electives that can be used toward general elective credits.

    8. Does army ROTC award scholarships?
      • ROTC can award scholarships to competitive applicants. ROTC scholarships cover full tuition (or room and board) and books.