Pitt-Oakland Representatives

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    Term Expires

    Jean Truman

    UPBC Representative: Regional Senate President (or faculty designee jointly appointed by Regional Senate President and the Chancellor)

    (3 year term)

    Bradford/Titusville will have voting rights

    Tammy Haley

    Bradford Representative to the Oakland University Faculty Assembly (and Univ. Senate Council 2nd & 3rd yr.)

    Approx. 8 meetings-2700 Posvar Hall (Pittsburgh) at 3:00 p.m. Tuesdays

    (3 year term)

    Jeff Guterman

    (3 year term)

    ** The UPO Representatives (from Bradford to Oakland) become eligible to attend University Senate Council after completing one year as Representatives to University Faculty Assembly.  This thereby enables one Bradford Representative to attend Oakland’s Senate Council meetings, and one to attend Faculty Assembly meetings, concurrently, if so chosen.

    Pitt Bradford Rep to Oakland Duties