• Do you provide content tutors? 

    Disability Resources and Services does not provide academic tutors. Information regarding the academic tutors at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford can be found at Academic Coaching & Tutoring Center.

    How do I get a handicapped parking space? 

    Information is available on the  Temporary Medical Conditions page.

    Where can I find out if I have a learning disability?

    Disability Resources and Services does not provide evaluations for ADHD or Learning Disabilities. Individuals will need to determine if pursuing a diagnostic evaluation for ADHD or a Learning Disability is appropriate. You can discuss with the DRS Coordinator, Carma Horner, 814-362-7609, options for obtaining a professional clinical diagnosis for ADHD or a Learning Disability.

    Will my instructors be notified of my need for an accommodation? 

    Each term students with disabilities are required to obtain Notification of Disability memos and distribute them to instructors from whom they are requesting accommodations.

    Who is responsible for providing interpreters for class? 

    The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford provides assistance in obtaining sign language interpreters or real time captioners for students with hearing impairments. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the DRS Coordinator to request an interpreter within a reasonable time frame. The Coordinator will assess your communication skills and style and recommend the appropriate accommodation.

    What is the special admission procedure for student with learning disabilities? 

    None. The University does not alter its admission standards for any individual regardless of disability. If there is a significant discrepancy in your admission portfolio or application, you may want to address the discrepancy in a supplemental essay.

    When is it possible to arrange for a single room in the residence halls due to a disability? 

    Any request for an accommodation related to on-campus housing must be submitted via the Housing Accommodation Form.

    Do you provide attendants to assist with personal care? 

    Student are responsible for obtaining and employing personal care attendants.