Staff Association

  • As we approach a new academic year, the completion of many projects on our campus, and continued record enrollments, a new Era begins at the University and so it is with our Staff Association. The Staff Association Council and committees are looking for your renewed involvement and participation. We need your talents, expertise, and time in a variety of areas. Our staff are talented in so many ways and we hope to capitalize on that. We have a great schedule of events coming up. Please be sure to mark your calendars for our monthly general assembly meetings and events which will be published soon. In the meantime, we would like you to consider offering some assistance and ensuring the further strengthening of your Staff Association by matching an interest of yours with a committee as a volunteer.

    The staff association addresses philosophical and operation issues affecting the welfare of staff and the University. It also acts as a communication channel between staff, faculty, the President's Cabinet, the Advisory Board, students, and staff members at Pitt's Oakland campus.

    Activities & Events You are invited to attend a general meeting held every 4th Tuesday of the month that includes lunch and a guest speaker. Members of Staff Association Council meet every 2nd Tuesday of each month. The Staff Association also sponsors various events, workshops, and community projects such as the welcome luncheon, admissions BBQ, potluck luncheon, Super bowl cook-off, bowlinggolf outing, yoga workshop and volunteering opportunities. Please refer to our upcoming events calendar for the present months events

    UPBSA Membership:

    The voting membership of UPBSA shall consist of all full-time and part-time regular staff. Not included in UPBSA are student employees, work-study employees (coordinated through the Student Employment Program/Financial Aid Office), faculty employees, including nontenured categories, and members of Faculty Senate.

    Staff Association By-Laws