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Tuition and Fees

 Keep in mind ...

That about 93 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid, and nearly 50 percent of new freshmen receive a merit scholarship. In fact, in 2013-14, the average financial aid award was roughly $17,489 for in-state students and about $19,500 for out-of-state students.

So, the cost you see below may not be what you'll pay. Please be sure to check out our information on scholarships and financial aid.

Listed below are the costs for the two-term academic year (Fall and Spring) 2014-15:

Full-time Students (12 - 18 credits)* PA Resident Out-of-State
Tuition $12,452/yr $23,268/yr
Nursing tuition $15,952/yr $29,672/yr
Room (double) $5,160/yr $5,160/yr
Meals (full plan)  $3,620/yr $3,620/yr
Health Service Fee $100/yr $100/yr
Computer Fee $350/yr $350/yr
Recreation Fee $140/yr $140/yr
Activity Fee $200/yr $200/yr
Parking and Transportation Fee $80/yr $80/yr

Additional information regarding room and meal plan pricing

*Undergraduate students registering for more than 18 credits are charged additional tuition beyond the flat fee on a per-credit basis.

Part-time Students (1-11 credits)** PA Resident Out-of-State
Tuition  $518/credit $969/credit
Nursing tuition  $664/credit $1236/credit
Computer Fee $200/yr $200/yr
Recreation Fee $30/yr $30/yr
Activity Fee $40 /yr $40/yr
Parking and Transportation Fee $40/yr $40/yr
Health Service Fee $0/yr $0/yr

**Students registered during the Summer Term and/or Summer Sessions will also be billed on a per-credit basis only, regardless of the number of credits taken.

Miscellaneous Fees:
Physical Education Fee: $35 / course
Sciences lab fee: $35-$50 / course
Nursing lab fee: $35-$75 / course
Nursing Liability Insurance Fee: $12 / year
Athletic Training Liability Insurance Fee: $12/ year
Late payment fee: $50/ month (maximum of three per term)
Late Graduation Application Fee: $15

Residency And Tuition Rates

Tuition rates for the University of Pittsburgh are based on whether or not the student is a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A higher tuition rate is charged to nonresidents.

Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Reduced Tuition Rates

Any admitted student may petition for reclassification to resident status by supplying convincing evidence to be reviewed by the Registrar's Office. To be effective for a particular term, petitions must be submitted within the first 30 calendar days of the term (15 calendar days of the session.)

Students who change their residence from Pennsylvania to another state must promptly give written notice to the Registrar's Office and students under 21 years of age must report a change in their parents' or legal guardians' address.

Students who are found eligible for resident tuition rates at the time of initial classification due to an error in classification are subject to retroactive reclassification as nonresidents and are responsible for the payment of all related tuition and fees.