Notes for Administrators

New hires: 
The hiring department must forward a memo, signed by the appropriate administrator, that lists the employee name, start date, rate of pay, and account number to charge. In addition, the hiring department must have the new employee complete payroll forms on or before the start date, and provide documents proving identification and eligibility to work in the United States within three (3) days of the start date.

Please call Jessica Kramer in the Payroll Office 814-362-0763 if you have questions regarding new hires.

Note: The University of Pittsburgh requires that all employees must provide their social security card as part of the payroll signup process. New hires cannot be added to the payroll system and no paycheck is generated until a valid social security card is provided.


Paycheck or Direct Deposit Problems or Questions: 
Employees with questions or problems should contact Jessica Kramer at 814-362-0763 or

Lost paychecks should be reported to the Payroll Office immediately so a Stop Payment order can be issued and a replacement check generated as soon as possible, usually within a week to ten days.

The Payroll Office should be notified immediately if your bank account information for direct deposit changes to ensure that funds reach the correct account in a timely manner.