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Employees can download a copy of the Employee Handbook 

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Social Security Card 
Under IRS regulations an employee's name must match the name/social security number on his/her Social Security card. This ensures that the Social Security Administration properly credits each employee’s account accurately. The University of Pittsburgh requires that all employees provide their Social Security card as part of the payroll signup process. Employees cannot be added to the payroll system and no paycheck is generated until a valid Social Security card is provided. 

If you do not have or have lost your card, you will need to provide the University with a receipt verifying that you have applied for a new card.  This receipt is obtained by appearing at the Social Security Administration office and applying for a new or replacement card.  The receipt is valid for 90 days, after which, the replacement card will need to be shown to verify the employee's name and social security number.

Tax Withholding On Student Wages 
Wages paid to a student employee through the payroll system are subject to the following withholding taxes:

  • Federal Income Tax
  • State Income Tax
  • Local Wage Tax
  • FICA (Social Security and Medicare)

The withholding of federal and state taxes is dependent upon the student’s gross income and how the student completes his/her W-4 form. The number of credit hours a student is enrolled for at the end of the add/drop period determines whether or not FICA tax is withheld.

Direct Deposit of Paycheck 
New employees are required to have their paycheck electronically deposited. This can be a checking or savings account. The total amount of the check must be deposited into a single account. Contact the Payroll Office at 814-362-0251 or with questions regarding direct deposit.

Home Address 
The address you provide on your payroll forms will be the address to which your W-2 (end of year earnings and tax record) will be mailed. If you are staying in campus housing, you should use your home address on the payroll forms. Current employees can submit address changes online at Failure to update an address may result in a delay or failure to receive your year-end payroll financial information.