Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

The Pitt Faculty and Staff Assistance Program is provided at no cost to you, your family, and those who share your household.

Short term (1-6 sessions) counseling is available at no cost. All FSAP services are provided by experienced clinicians. If you and your FSAP counselor decide that additional assistance is needed to help you resolve your concern, the counselor will assist with referrals through your insurance company.

Pitt FSAP records are separate from other University records. All information you provide will be treated with the utmost respect for your privacy. No information will be released unless you approve.

FSAP services are conveniently located near all five University of Pittsburgh campuses.

Please call 1-866-647-3432 and you will be given telephone numbers for providers in the Bradford area. Telephones answer 24 hours a day. Please state that you are requesting Pitt FSAP services.