Subject: NUR

Course Number : 0212


Course Description:

This course provides the student with opportunities to integrate theories, concepts and skills in delivering care to groups of clients across the life span.  Core concepts include leadership, communication, growth and development, and stress and adaptation as they relate to the care of clients across the lifespan.  The student gains knowledge of complex physiologic and psychosocial stressors and adaptations related to neurologic, endocrine, sensory, urinary, burns, cancer, and emergency care and multisystem problems of clients across the lifespan.  Focus on the family as the essential resource in the treatment of illness and the promotion of wellness in adult and pediatric populations is emphasized.  Nursing practice in this course emphasizes issues related to role transition from nursing student to graduate nurse.  The student provides care for groups of clients across the lifespan who are experiencing complex physiologic and psychosocial stressors.  Critical thinking activities are utilized in conjunction with discussions that address issues involving role identification, management of client care, interpersonal relationships, and personal and professional development.

Credit Hours: 9 cr

GE: None       Non-Western  /Global 

Prerequisite:  NUR 0211, CHEM 0103

Course Level: lower level