Subject: HPRED

Course Number : 1496

Course Title:  Fieldwork in Sport and Recreation Management

Course Description:

The course and experience is designed to provide students the opportunity to put into practice the concepts and principles that frame the Sport and Recreation Management Major. Students will perform a total of 135 hours of study, which may be broken down into multiple areas of study ( 3- 1 credit increments or 1- 3 credit placement), working in areas of interest which relate to Sport and Recreation Management in a field placement setting. Agency placements may include any agency directly related to a student's academic studies and career options. Students must fill out a field placement application (copy included with this proposal) and submit it to their program director.

Credit Hours: 1-3 cr

GE: None       Non-Western  /Global 

Prerequisite:  Junior standing and permission of instructor

Course Level: upper level