Kendall Garden Apartments

In each Kendall garden apartment, you will find walk-in living room with an attached kitchenette. A central corridor leads to the bedrooms and the bathroom. There are seven apartments housing students in single bedrooms, (four bedrooms per apartment). There are 16 apartments housing students in double bedrooms, (three bedrooms per apartment).




There are two Kendall Garden apartment complexes to choose from:

  • James Baldwin House
  • William Faulkner House

Apartments Specifics:

Living Room - carpet, curtains, two-cushioned couch, cushioned lounge chair, and a built-in table with four stools.

Kitchenette - linoleum floor, under-the-counter refrigerator, stainless steel sink, and ample cupboard and counter space.

Bathroom - ceramic tile floor, large shower with shower curtain, toilet, two sinks with a large mirror, and ample cabinet space.

Single Bedroom - carpet, curtains, twin oak bed (36x80 mattress), oak desk with oak desk chair, wardrobe with towel bar and two drawers.

Double Bedroom - carpet, curtains, two twin beds (36x80 mattresses), two oak desks with oak desk chairs, two wardrobes with towel bar, and two drawers.

Closets - apartments with double bedrooms contain a storage closet off of the main hallway.