We believe in continuous improvement and regularly assess the collegiate experience to determine if we are meeting your needs and providing an environment where you learn, grow and develop. Below are our results.

If you have any questions or suggestions on future assessments, please contact Dr. Ron Binder ( We welcome your input.

Here is a list of all the major assessment initiatives at Pitt Bradford: University Annual Assessment Calendar

As part of assessment we ask our residents annually how their RA is performing.  Below are the results.

Occasionally we conduct Focus Groups of students to ask their opinions on Housing and how we can improve.  Below are the results.

Annually we compute the retention rates of residents and commuters.  For a number of years our residents have been retained at a higher rate than commuters.  Here are the Housing Retention Rates

Annually we survey those students who go through the Judicial Process (less than 10% of our students) and ask them their opinion on how we can improve our process.  Below are the results of the surveys