We believe in continuous improvement and regularly engage in assessing the residential experience to determine if we are meeting your needs and providing an environment where you learn, grow and develop.  Below are the major assessment initiatives undertaken and the results.  If you have any questions or suggestions on future assessments, please contact Dr. Ron Binder (  We welcome your input!

Summary of Assessment

The on-line surveys are administered at the end of the Spring semester.  Results are used to improve the residential experience at Pitt-Bradford.

Residence Life surveys students to gauge their opinion on specific topics.  Below are the results of these periodic surveys.

Annually Residence Life conducts focus groups of selected groups to gauge opinions about what students think and how we can improve our services.  Below are the focus groups and the overall comments generated.

Each Fall resident students are surveyed as to their knowledge of where to go with health and safety concerns.  Below are the survey outcomes.

21st Birthday Duck Survey - When residential students turn 21 they are provided a birthday card along with a birthday duck and engage in a conversation with their RA about responsible drinking on the student's 21st birthday.  Below are the assessment results.

During the Fall 2011 training was held for VISA Mentors (upper-class students who will mentor the new International Students at Pitt-Bradford).  After the training a short survey was administered to gauge the effectiveness of the program. 

At the conclusion of each semester those who go through the Judicial Process are surveyed.  The results of this survey are used to adjustments the judicial process. 

Annually the Greek community engages in a Greek Retreat with student leaders.  At the conclusion of the retreat a short survey is administered to determine what students enjoyed and what did they learn.