If you are like most students, you are very interested in gaining career experience in your chosen field of interest before graduation. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is through an internship.

An academic internship is a carefully planned and monitored work experience that meets specific learning goals related to an academic field of study. There should be a relationship between the practical experience gained in an internship and the academic work done in the classroom.

Internships allow students to acquire hands-on, practical experience and develop key competencies and critical skills in their chosen field of study.

Undergraduate students at Pitt-Bradford can earn between one and six credits for internships. No more than 3 credits of internships may be taken at any one time. A minimum of 45 on-site hours must be completed per credit hour earned.

Approval of an internship application is contingent upon satisfaction of the following requirements:

  • Junior standing
  • Cumulative 2.50 QPA, both in the major and overall
  • Completion of the Academic Internship Proposal
  • Approval of the faculty intern supervisor, the student's academic advisor, the division chair and the vice president and dean of academic affairs.
  • Addition of the internship to student's course schedule no later than the add/drop deadline for the term.

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