Council and Committees

Communication  If there is an issue, concern or good news that you would like to have Staff Association address or pass on, please contact a representative to council, a member of the appropriate committee, or any member of Staff Association Council.  We would also appreciate your ideas regarding community projects, special events and guest speakers. 

2015-16 Council and Committees

  • President - Jessica Kramer
  • Past President - Brenda Brandon
  • President Elect - Marcia Avery
  • Secretary - Mandy Colosimo
  • Treasurer - Shanon Ridenour

Representatives to Council

  • 2014-16 Sharie Radzavich
  • 2014-16 Christina Graham
  • 2015-17 Lynette Campogiani
  • 2015-17 Beth Fantaskey

 Communications Committee assists with getting information out to all staff members regarding events and information of general interest; with Council approval, may prepare and submit articles to the SAC newsletter; appoints a member, or serves collectively, as Historian. Members: Stacey Colosimo, Emily Parana, Jim Pascarella & Kimberly Weinberg

Staff representative: Christina Graham

Elections Committee secures an eligible slate of candidates each spring; initiates, publicizes, and conducts UPBSA elections; devises election guidelines. Members: Sue Gleason, Carma Horner, Katherine Nussbaum & Nicole Stark.  

Staff representative: Brenda Brandon

Events Committee promotes goodwill among staff, faculty, and students via college-wide events. This committee also oversees an August program for new staff members. Some of our events include the golf outing, bowling, ice skating, and Panther Pride Days. Members: Tonya Ackley, Melissa Stiles, Randy Stiles, and Emilee Yormick

Staff representative: Beth Fantaskey 

Staff Welfare Committee promotes health, safety, and security for all members of the College community; identifies needs and make recommendations regarding the University's Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Anti-Harassment Policy guidelines; support staff members throughout the staff grievance procedure, providing guidance to ensure that due process is provided to all staff. This committee also sponsors a variety of wellness programs. Members: Jackie Bosworth, Lori Faulkner, Christina Marrone, and Angie Wolfe

Staff representative: Sharie Radzavich

Professional Development Committee The duties of the Professional Development Committee shall be to promote the staff development of all members of the University community. The committee will meet with the Director of Human Resources to ensure that staff has adequate training resources. Members: Sofia Brien, Jean Luciano & Kim Rublee

Staff representative: Lynette Campogiani