Neil Jacobs to play 12-string guitar at Noon Tunes concert

Neil Jacobs
Neil Jacobs

Guitarist NeilJacobs will play a selection of jazz, new-age, flamenco and Gypsy-inspired music on the difficult-to-master 12-string guitar during a Noon Tunes concert Thursday, Nov. 7. 

            The concert will take place at noon in the KOA Speer Electronics Lobby of Blaisdell Hall and is free and open to the public.

            Jacobs has had a colorful and unconventional musical career. From performances in refugee camps in Sarajevo to appearances at the Kennedy Center and the Kremlin, his unique style fascinates audiences and critics alike. His original compositions have more than a cross-cultural appeal; they also appeal to diverse musical tastes.

            In 1991, the highly respected American Balkan music and dance ensemble Zivili commissioned Jacobs to compose and arrange Gypsy compositions. He continued performing with the group to study the rich musical heritage of the Southern Slavic nations.

            Upon completion of his third CD, “American Gypsy,” he toured Europe and performed with Zivili as part of UNESCO’s Balkan Youth Reconciliation Seminar in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

            In 2001, he began teaching Balkan and Gypsy history and music at Alfred University in New York. His critically acclaimed fourth CD, “Secret Places,” was released in 2005.

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