New agreement signed with LECOM dental school

A new agreement between Pitt-Bradford and the Lake Erie College ofOsteopathic Medicine allows Pitt-Bradford students to enroll in the early acceptance program at LECOM’s dental school.

            Students wishing to attend the LECOM School of Dental Medicine in Bradenton, Fla., can apply for early acceptance at the same time they apply to Pitt-Bradford, if they meet certain criteria. Students can also apply in their freshman or sophomore years at Pitt-Bradford. LECOM officials interview students during their freshman or sophomore years and notify them of their acceptance.

            The agreement stipulates criteria that the students must meet to enroll and stay in the program and dictates a course of studies for all four years at Pitt-Bradford.

            “Ambitions students who enter programs like this one have the advantage of well-defined goals and educational outcomes,” said Dr. Mary Mulcahy, associate professor of biology and co-coordinator for pre-dentistry students.

            Pitt-Bradford has similar agreements with LECOM for its medical and pharmacy programs.

James L. Baldwin, assistant dean of academic affairs, said, “Competition continues to increase for admission into schools of dental medicine as well as schools of pharmacy. They are both very popular programs. The affiliation agreements between LECOM and Pitt-Bradford enhance students’ opportunities for admission into either program.”

            LECOM is the nation’s largest medical college with more than 2,200 medical students on campuses in Erie, Greensburg and Bradenton. The School of Dental Medicine opened in July 2012 and has an enrollment of 200 students.

            For more information, contact the Pitt-Bradford Office of Admissions at 1-800-872-1787.