February 2011 News and Notes

Staff Appreciation Day 

We will gather on Monday, February 28 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the University Room for our Staff Appreciation Reception.  Just as we celebrated the commitment of the faculty during the fall semester, we will join to thank the staff for their contributions to our students and our success.  I invite all staff and faculty to join for lunch and conversation.   

Faculty Recognition 

Several faculty members were recognized for their distinguished records and years of service at the annual Faculty Service Recognition Dinner held on November 16.  This year’s honorees with at least twenty-five years of service included:

  • Lisa Fiorentino – 25 years
  • Jeff Guterman – 25 years
  • Ron Mattis – 25 years
  • Rick Nelson – 25 years
  • Warren Fass – 30 years
  • Isabelle Champlin – 40 years 

Staff Recognition 

I extend heartfelt congratulations to all the staff recognized for their years of service to Pitt-Bradford at the annual Staff Recognition Dinner held on February 3.  This year’s honorees include staff with admirable longevity, including:

  • Mark Burns, Campus Police – 30 years
  • Donny Johnson, Mail Center – 30 years
  • Don Robbins, Facilities Management – 30 years
  • Vicky Pingie, Admissions – 30 years
  • Jeff Armstrong, Facilities Management – 35 years 

Brand Party 

I hope you joined the Office of Communications and Marketing for the annual Brand Party held on Wednesday, February 16.  Congratulations to this year’s brand champions, the faculty of the Anthropology program, the staff of the TRiO Student Support Services program, and the students of Student Government Association.  Also, the entries in the student video contest are worth watching (if you haven’t seen them yet), and are available at the following link:  http://www.youtube.com/uPittBradford  

Faculty and Staff Campaign Kickoff 

Many of you joined the Office of Institutional Advancement for the kickoff luncheon for the annual faculty and staff campaign.   I thank this year’s honorary campaign chairs Dr. Michael Stuckart and Ms. Vicky Pingie for their leadership and inspiring records of commitment to Pitt-Bradford.  To those of you who have made gifts or pledges, thank you.  If you have questions about making a gift, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 2-5091. 

New Hires  

We have welcomed new faculty and staff since the November newsletter, and their names and positions are listed below. 

  • Scott Elliott, Sports Information Director, Athletics and Recreational Sports
  • Lynette Gerner, Conference Manager, Continuing Education and Regional Development
  • Tandie Mpabanga, Lab Technician, Biology and Chemistry
  • James Pascarella, Web Programmer, Communications and Marketing 

Website Redesign 

Under the leadership of Pat Cercone, a small committee of faculty and staff have reviewed presentations by four vendors regarding re-design of our website, and selected a vendor.  Part of the redesign will involve soliciting input from the campus, and Ms. Cercone will be coordinating that process.  We expect to launch the new site in December 2011. 

Update on the Advising Center 

In December, the Advising Center launched its own web presence http://www.upb.pitt.edu/AdvisingCenter.aspx.  The center’s web pages include a web-based Academic Probation Workshop that promotes academic success strategies for students experiencing academic difficulties.  Another online resource available is a career exploration program called FOCUS 2. In cooperation with Career Services and the TRiO program, the Advising Center purchased FOCUS 2 in an effort to assist students in exploring majors and careers fitting to their personalities, interests, skills and passions.  FOCUS 2 can be found at http://www.upb.pitt.edu/careerservices/focus.aspx.  

Sustainability Committee 

In December we convened a large group of faculty, staff and administrators to serve on the Sustainability Committee.  Dr. Matt Kropf, Director of the Energy Institute, chairs the committee, which is charged with developing a set of strategic initiatives to achieve our strategic plan goal of Campus Ambience and Sustainability.  Members of the committee include Ernest Benkovski (student), Rick Esch, Christina Graham, Liza Greville, Bob Harris, Rhett Kennedy, Diana Maguire, Dick Melka, Mary Mulcahy, Emily Parana, Jesse Steinberg, Don Ulin and Klaus Wuersig. 

Save the Date 

Please mark your calendars for a few upcoming events:

  • Spring Holiday: March 11
  • Honors Convocation:  April 15 at 11:00 in Bromeley Family Theater
  • Commencement: May 1 

Emergency Notification Service 

If you have not already subscribed to the Emergency Notification Service, please consider doing so. As you may know, the service will enable you to receive voice and text messages in case of an emergency, including weather-related closures. To subscribe to the service, log in to the my.pitt.edu Web portal and access the Emergency Notification tab in the upper left, add your contact information and hit submit. Also, our Emergency Response Plan is available on our website.