Summer 2007 News and Notes

Faculty and Staff Giving to Annual Fundraising Campaign

I am extremely pleased to report this year’s rate for faculty and staff giving to Pitt-Bradford reached a record high level with a participation rate of 53 percent.  This year 101 faculty/staff donors made gifts and pledges totaling $22,018 with an average gift of $218.  The theme of this year’s internal campaign was “Hunger for Knowledge” and kicked off with a luncheon to thank the previous year’s donors and encourage new donors.  The generous response of our faculty and staff demonstrates our deeply held and shared commitment to our students, our region and our mission.  Thank you for your giving and your belief in Pitt-Bradford.

In addition,  I extend recognition to the staff of the Office of Institutional Advancement, especially Jessica Kubiak who worked on this campaign until virtually her last minute on her last day of work at Pitt-Bradford.  To Jessica, Lindsay, Michelle, Abbie and Karen – thank you. 


Pitt-Bradford Alumni Association Board and Pitt-Bradford Advisory Board Giving

In other fundraising news, I am proud to report participation rates of 100 percent from both the PBAA Board and the Advisory Board.   This is the 10th consecutive year that the PBAA has had a 100 percent rate of giving and the second consecutive year for the Advisory Board.  Members of both boards are truly dedicated friends of Pitt-Bradford who give generously of their time and expertise, as well as through financial support. 

Craig Hartburg, Chair of the Advisory Board, and Tim Fannin, Chair of the Alumni Board, deserve congratulations for their work in fostering constructive, productive boards that make many valuable contributions to the university.


“Pitt Crew” Participates in Bradford’s Relay for Life

The “Pitt Crew”, a team of 16 staff members, was among the 26 teams that participated in Bradford’s 13th annual Relay for Life on June 22 and 23.  The Relay raised more than $100,000, and I am pleased to recognize the following staff members who contributed to this important cause:  Kim Boyer, Karen Branch, Karen Burgess, Judy Cameron, Stacey Colosimo, Anna Ezzolo, Donnie Johnson, Micquel Little, Jean Luciano, Christina Marrone, Diane Null, Vicky Pingie, Kathy Rodgers, Jessica South, Mary Anne Stauffer and Barb Uscinski. 


Farewell to Kate Moody

I report with deep regret that Catherine (Kate) Moody has decided to resign from her position as Director of Outreach Services.  Kate’s husband, Bart, received a promotion and will shift from his current Buffalo base to Philadelphia.  Kate and Bart, both strong and supportive Pitt-Bradford alumni, agonized over the decision before concluding that it would be best for the family that Kate resign. 

Kate joined Pitt-Bradford in May 2006 as Director of Professional and Workforce Education.  She then assumed the position of Director of Outreach Services in November of 2006.  During her brief tenure, she made significant contributions in these roles.  We thank Kate for efforts in Outreach Services and wish her and her family well as they embrace new challenges and opportunities.

The effective date of Kate’s resignation is July 20, 2007.


Housing and Enrollment Update

As our resident student population grows, we are experiencing a shortage of on-campus housing.  Currently our on-campus capacity is 697 beds, and we are over that capacity by 36 students.  Dean Evans, the staff in Residence Life & Housing and others are working on a variety of initiatives to accommodate our students: Eligible upper-class students have been offered an incentive of a $500 book credit to find off-campus apartment housing.  Also, we are currently engaged in discussions with Best Western to determine the possibility of committing a designated block of rooms for our students.  For the longer term, we anticipate the completion of the new residence hall by fall 2008, which will add 142 additional beds to our capacity. 

Enrollment for the fall 2007 semester stands at 320 paid first-year admitted students.  While this is slightly behind our goal of 350 first-year students, the Admissions staff is working tirelessly to tighten the gap in the final weeks of summer.  Currently, 81 transfer students have committed to attending Pitt-Bradford this fall.  While these students are not counted toward our first-year student target, they do contribute to our full-time equivalency and bolster our efforts to reach 1500 FTE.

I sincerely thank the staff in the offices of Admissions and Financial Aid for their work. Also, in advance, my thanks go to Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Enrollment Services, the Academic Success Center, TRiO and all those who will intensify their efforts to ensure that the Beginnings programs are positive experiences for new students and their families.