October and November 2009 News and Notes


H1N1 Update

To date, several Pitt-Bradford students have tested positive for the H1N1 virus.  Officials at BRMC and other sources tell us that 99 percent of flu-like cases are H1N1; therefore it is no longer necessary to have a definitive test. Please keep in mind that if you are sick, you should stay home so you don’t infect others and remain home until you are free of fever for at least 24 hours. 

BRMC is offering H1N1 vaccination clinics on Monday, October 26 and Tuesday, October 27 from noon to 6:00 p.m. at the Outpatient Services Center lobby on North Bennett Street Extension.  The clinic is open to pregnant women and persons 6 months to 24 years of age (bring proof of age). 

When Pitt-Bradford receives our supply of H1N1 vaccination, a clinic will be held on campus. 

Budget Update

Like so many other institutions and nonprofits in the Commonwealth, we have waited for the passageof the state budget with some unease given the uncertainty in the economy.  While the state budget was passed earlier this month, appropriations for the state-related institutions were not included.  Legislative debate continues over the mechanism for funding higher education, and I will update you as soon as we have new information. In the meantime, we are maintaining our conservative economic posture.

Closure of Campus

As you know, Pure Tech, Inc. has beenmaking upgrades to the electrical system throughout the semester, and I am pleased to say, the work is nearly complete.  The final phase requires a complete shut-down of campus power which will occur on Wednesday, November 25, 2009.  The campus will be officially closed and will remain closed onThursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27 for the Thanksgiving recess.  

Exempt and non-exempt employees are not required to report to work on November 25 and are not required to use vacation, sick or personal time.   If appropriate to do so, employees should complete work at home.  Non-exempt employees who are in essential operations are required to work on November 25.  Please consult with your unit supervisor to confirm the expectations for your respective area regarding reporting to work. Note that employees covered by collective bargaining agreements will be governed by the terms of those agreements.

Campus Holiday Party

The holiday seasonis right around the corner, and it’s time to make plans to celebrate the season.  Feedback from last year’s holiday reception was mixed, as has been feedback from past holiday festivities held on Saturday evenings.  We’d like to try once again to hold the festivities during the workday—Monday, December 21 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Mukaiyama University Room, Frame-Westerberg Commons.  Administrators of various offices on campus will have the option of closing offices for the 2½-hour period to enable employees to participate in the festivities. Holiday refreshments will include assorted beverages and holiday delicacies. There will also be door prizes and seasonal music.  In order to assist usin planning for the event, please contact Barb Uscinski at 362-7501 (or uscinski@pitt.edu) to confirm that you will attend.

Capital Projects Update

As you know, construction ofthe Harriett B. Wick Chapel is well under way.  Progress is on schedule, and we expect a dedication of this important addition to our campus sometime during the summer or early fall of2010.

Also, we will begin construction of a new residence hall as soon as possible, though permitting and bidding issues, as well as the weather, will factor into the actual timeline.  The site for the new residence hall is the parking area directly behind Fisher Hall.  The consequent loss of parking will be made up with new lots off Taylor Drive. The new hall will house approximately 100 students and eliminate our need to place students at the Best Western Bradford Inn.  While we hope for completion by Augustof 2010, a December 2010 opening is also a possibility.  

Affirmative Action

I remind the campus that I have asked Ms. Liza Greville to serve as Pitt-Bradford’s AffirmativeAction Officer.  As our student body grows increasingly diverse, it is important for our faculty and staff to reflect such diversity.  Increasingthe diversity of our recruitment pools is imperative, so I have asked Liza Greville to meet with our search committees to share resources to aid in the recruitment process. 

Also, ensuring constructive workplaces free of harassment or hostility is consistent with our brand promise as well as University policy and federal law.  Please contact one of the individuals listed below if you need to discuss a situation or report a problem. 


  • Affirmative Action Officer:  Ms. LizaGreville, Assistant to the President (2-5121, greville@pitt.edu)
  • Faculty Liaison:  Ms. Lizbeth Matz,Associate Professor of Business Management (2-7561, matz@pitt.edu)
  • Staff Liaison:  Dr.  Jim Evans,VP/Dean of Student Affairs (2-7650, kje2@pitt.edu)
  • Office of Affirmative Action, Diversity andInclusion:  (412) 648-7860


Advising Center Implementation Committee

Consistent and effective academic and career advisement is essential to the success of our students and our ability to maintain our enrollment gains.  We are planning to implement an Advising Center to provide supplemental advising to students at-risk of attrition, undecided students, and others by the fall of 2010.  An Advising Center Implementation Committee has been appointed and charged. Committee members include Dr. Steven Hardin, Dr. Donald Ulin, James Baldwin, Margot Myers, Jeff Guterman, Mark Kelley and Marietta Frank, and I appreciate their service on this important initiative.

Emergency Notification Service

If you have not already subscribed to the Emergency Notification Service, please consider doing so. As you may know, the service will enable you to receive voice and text messages in case of an emergency. To subscribe to the service, log in to the my.pitt.edu Web portal and access the Emergency Notification tab in the upper left, add your contact information and hit submit. Also, our EmergencyResponse Plan is available on our Web site.