eBills FAQs

What are eBills?  

eBills are online student billing statements that display the same information as the traditional paper billing statements, for example: charges for tuition, fees, and housing; credits; and payments. eBills are a new feature of PittPAY, the online billing and payment system that has been available to all students since July 2001. You will be able to download a PDF version of the bill if you wish.

What are the benefits of eBill?  

  • Convenient access – 24/7 access from any internet connection
  • Information is secure and confidential – only you and those you authorize can see your eBills
  • If you also pay online, you will see your eCheck or credit card payment on your Student Account after receiving your online receipt
  • Access up to 12 months of billing history
  • Timely reminders to pay your bill to avoid late charges
  • No stamps, post office, or costly snail mail delays

When do I receive an eBill?  

Beginning July 2005, if you have activity on your student account that creates billable items, on or about the 20 th of the month you will automatically receive an e-mail that your eBill is available to view and pay in PittPAY. The e-mail will be sent to your official University e-mail account. If you have authorized other payers in PittPAY (such as your parents, a guardian, spouse, or third party sponsor) and they have added an e-mail address in PittPAY, they will receive e-mail notification as well.


Beginning July 2005, students will log into https://my.pitt.edu. Under Communities, you will select Student Services. You will see the link to PittPAY in PeopleSoft Self Service.

Authorized Payers should go to http://student-info.pitt.edu. Press the button and log into PittPAY using the user name and password your student has provided to you.

Once in PittPAY, select “View Accounts” from the menu on your left. First you will see your up-to-the-minute Student Account. Then select “View my Bill.”

How can I pay my eBill?  

You or your Authorized Payers can pay online, while you are in PittPAY, by either eCheck or credit card. eCheck is a fast and secure method for you to pay your eBills from any checking account without having to mail a check and hoping it arrives by your due date. There is no additional charge to pay by eCheck.

 The PittPAY vendor will assess a 2.75% fee for providing credit card payment services.

 To make an eCheck payment using the payment screens, provide your routing and account numbers from the bottom of your check, and the amount you wish to pay. You will receive a receipt documenting the transaction for your records. Press the question mark on the payments page if you need help locating the routing and/or account numbers, and you will see an example to assist you.

How can I authorize others to pay my eBills?  

You can set up individuals (parents, guardians, spouses, or third parties) to view and pay your eBills by logging onto PittPAY and selecting “Authorize Payers” from the menu at the left. Follow the instructions on the Authorize Payers page. Be sure to include an e-mail address so your Authorized Payer will receive e-mail notifications of eBill announcements.

 Students who received paper bills in the past can set up Authorized Payers in PittPAY now to ensure they will be included in eBill notifications beginning in July. New students will be able to set up Authorized Payers when they receive their first e-mail notice that their eBill is available in PittPAY.

How do I see my eCheck or credit card payment on my account?  

Both eCheck and credit card payments will be posted to your student account immediately after you receive the receipt for your payment in PittPAY. You can see the payment on your student account by selecting “View Account” from the PittPAY menu. Your Authorized Users will also be able to view your student account by selecting that menu option. You can also view the payment details by selecting “Payment History” from the PittPAY menu.

Where will the e-mail notices be sent?  

The e-mail will be sent to your official University e-mail account. You should check that account daily for correspondence from various University offices; eBills will be available in PittPAY on or about the 20 th of each month. Your University e-mail address consists of your username followed by “@pitt.edu.”

I’m not sure what my user ID and/or password is. Help!  

You need to visit a computing lab on campus (be sure to have your University ID card with you), or call the Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357). When you call the Help Desk you will be asked to fax a copy of your University ID and a copy of another form of photo ID, and provide a phone number where you can be reached. The fax number is 412-383-7000. To protect you, you may be asked several questions as well, so the Help Desk is certain they are speaking with you.

How do I get a copy of my bill for my employer or sponsor?  

You will be able to print a copy of your bill from PittPAY. Once logged in, select “View Accounts” from the menu on the left and you will see your current student account activity. Then select “View my Bill.” You will see a link that permits you to “Print a copy of your bill.”

Can I mail my payment?  

We encourage you to make payment online. While our vendor charges a 2.75% service charge for using MasterCard, Discover, or American Express (our vendor does not accept VISA), you are not charged for making eCheck payments. We accept eCheck payments from any regular checking account provided your bank participates in the Automated Clearinghouse Network (ACH).

Checks issued from savings accounts, credit card companies, money market accounts, home equity or other lines of credit cannot be processed as an eCheck. If you wish to make a check payment from one of these accounts, please print your bill and detach and include the remittance form at the bottom of the bill with your payment. Mail the payment to the address indicated on the remittance form.