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Student and Alumni Testimonials

Here's what some of our students and alumni in the region are saying about Pitt-Bradford:

It's all here

"Everything I was looking for in a school is five minutes away from home. I had an excellent educational experience here at Pitt-Bradford." -- David Monroe of Bradford, a 2010 graduate with a bachelor's degree in nursing  

"I like all the great opportunities because Pitt-Bradford is a small campus." -- Katie Zapel of Bradford, a human relations major

"You get a Pitt degree, a small campus feel, and all of the resources of a major university on a friendly campus, opportunities you don't get at a large campus." -- Erik Austin of Duke Center, a broadcast communications major. 

Professors who go out of their way

"I like being able to get to know my professors and being a name to them, not just a face." -- Lindsay Sherman of Bradford, an elementary education major 

"The small campus and the very helpful professors and staff are willing and professionally able to help with almost any question or problem you might be having." -- Laura Bryant of Bradford, a 2011 graduate with a degree in criminal justice  

"It's a small, student-centered campus, and the professors are very friendly and willing to help." -- Miranda Keppel of Russell, a nursing major

"I like the one-on-one contact with teachers, the smaller classes and the smaller campus." -- Cari Olewinski of Wilcox, a 2011 graduate with a degree in crimnial justice 

"The professors are understanding and kind. What they teach can be applied the moment it's taught." -- Alex Davis of Emporium, a 2011 graduate with a degree in public relations 

"My professors have given me a lot of helpful advice, which will ultimately help me in the future. This is something about Pitt-Bradford that most students could not say who are attending a bigger school. Also, I love the location and scenery around the campus, especially in fall." -- Audrey Darling of Russell, a 2010 graduate with a degree in elementary education

"It's so personal. The professors know who you are and always have time for you." -- Destiny Palmer of Bradford, a 2011 graduate with a degree in hospitality management

"I really like all the professors on campus because they all seem to care about their students." -- Jillian K. Hamilton of Kane, a 2010 graduate with a degree in mathematics education

"A lot of the professors spend extra time with a student when they don't understand something and help them to better understand the material and in turn help them get a better grade." -- Erin Bowen of Mansfield, a 2010 graduate with a degree in criminal justice  

Small classes

"I really like the small classes and that the professors get to know their students. It makes it a lot easier to approach professors. I also like the scenery in the different seasons." -- Jena Lee Metzger of Lancaster, N.Y, a 2010 graduate with a degree in hospitality management

"I like the small class size and the help the professors provide." -- Lauren Kinniburgh of Smethport, an athletic training major

"I enjoy the small campus and classroom size. There is always either a professor or other student who is willing to help you with whatever you may need." -- Carly Kirkpatrick of Warren, a radiological science major

Endless Opportunities

"I like the endless opportunities Pitt-Bradford has given me to get involved on campus and in the community." -- Vogue Bernard of Shinglehouse, a 2011 graduate with a degree in human relations 

A name not a number

"The best part of Pitt-Bradford is the fact that I got to know my professors. I wanted them to be able to know me by name, and thta is what I received when I came to this school." -- Rebecca Ramsey of Albion, a 2010 graduate with a degree in elementary education

"I love the passion the professors have. You can truly tell that they love what they do, and that passion spreads easily." -- Leslie Shallop of Bradford, a nursing major

"It's close to my hometown and tight-knit. I love how you aren't just a number." -- Jazmine Kunes of Ridgway, a 2011 graduate with a degree in criminal justice

"I like the idea of a small campus that allows for one-on-one communication with students and professors." -- Kate Sherwin of Bradford, a sports medicine major

Warm and welcoming

"I like the friendly and extremely welcoming atmosphere." -- Caitlin Cutting of Fillmore, N.Y., a hospitality management major

"I like how welcome the campus community makes me feel every time I step onto campus." -- Tiara Brown of Bradford, who is double majoring in business management and sport and recreation management

"I like that I know everyone and that everyone gets along and helps each other." -- Richie Colosimo of Bradford, a broadcast communications major

"I like that sense of community." -- Kayla Branch of Olean, N.Y., a human relations major

"I like the atmosphere on campus; it's very friendly." Maria Costanza of Pittsburgh, a public relations major

"Everybody is really nice and hospitable." -- James Hicks of Akron, Ohio, a mechanical engineering major. "It may be smaller, but it has a lot of nice features, and everybody makes you feel really welcome.

"Everyone is so nice. If you need help, they help you. Everyone here makes you feel incredibly comfortable and safe." -- Kharlie Swanson of Erie, a sports medicine major

"I like the friendly atmosphere and the interaction among professors and students." -- Tim Rooke of Smethport, a 2011 graduate with a degree in criminal justice

"Everyone gets along. Everyone talks to everyone. That definitely makes it easier when you're trying to meet new people, and it makes you more comfortable to be here." -- Quelli McCall of Waterford, an undecided major

"It's a small area, but that creates the perfect opportunity for students to get to know one another, which is more difficult on a bigger campus." -- Alyssa Villano of Scranton, a 2011 graduate with a degree in public relations

"What I like best about Pitt-Bradford is the comfort that I have here.The people here – all of them – are very warm, welcoming and helpful. It really is nice to know that my professors are very accessible, and basically that if there is anything I ever need, someone here will be willing to help." -- Ali Mertsock of Shinglehouse, a 2010 graduate with a degree in elementary education

"The staff is fantastic on many levels, and you can develop good relationships with your instructors." -- Benjamin Babcox of Smethport, a 2010 graduate with a degree in broadcast communications

Beautiful campus

"We have a beautiful campus. The leaves in the fall are outstanding, and the snow is always incredible. But, I can't forget how nice the people here are as well. They make every day enjoyable." -- Jessica Visseau of Shinglehouse, a 2010 graduate with degrees in English and English education

"The campus is very new and very nice. The facilities are great." -- Josh Brooks of Machias, N.Y., a health and physical education major