College Success Course

This one credit pass/fail course is designed to help you understand your unique strengths and weaknesses in “learning how to learn” in a college environment; to discover your personal learning style; to know the five major study skills and utilize study skill strategies to enhance your academic success; and to set and achieve academic goals.

You will engage in a collaborative,  small group, workshop style environment and complete self assessments and other exercises to assist you in learning strategies that match your own unique study skills needs and strengths.

Learning outcomes are:

  • How to set goals and objectives
  • How my personal learning style influences my learning
  • What are the 5 main study skills and which strategies work best for me
  • What my unique learning style strengths and weaknesses are
  • How to be a self accountable learner
  • How to monitor and adjust my learning outcomes

It is mandatory that provisionally accepted freshmen register for this course and it is strongly recommended that all other freshmen register also. It is a fun relaxing class in which to learn how to maximize your academic potential.