Student-Athlete Support Services

We work in a partnership with athletic coaches, faculty, and student-athletes to assist you in academic success. You must work just as intensely in your studies as in your sport and the Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center staff wish to ensure that you fulfill your academic obligations with discipline, perseverance, and integrity.

Comprehensive academic support services are offered to those student-athletes who self refer or are referred by their coach or by the athletic faculty advisor. Coaches are encouraged especially to arrange services for the unique needs of their team members each academic year. 

The Academic Counselor can meet regularly with every freshman and all student –athletes who may be falling short of good academic standing. The following items can be discussed:

  • Academic progress, including recent grades on exams, papers etc.
  • Upcoming events and/or assignments due in registered courses
  • Evaluation of the athlete’s time management and study skills
  • Tutoring and/or review session options
  • Preparation for team travel, including when assignments will be completed if traveling, in coordination with the professors.
  • Varied  issues of college transition that influence academics   

Tutoring Program services for student-athletes can include a tutor’s post appointment report sent to the Tutor Coordinator on the academic progress of the athlete for review by the coach and/or athletic faculty advisor.

Tutoring sessions act as a review and further explanation of the material covered in class, not as a supplement for class attendance  

Study Tables can be assisted by peer tutors through arrangements by an athletic coach and the director of the Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center director.