Study Skills Guides

Time Management:

Do you often feel overwhelmed by working on assignments last minute? Do you often have to choose between studying and spending time with friends and family? Do you wish you had more time to prepare for tests? Do you procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get assignments done? Well, take control of your time today! 

Watch the short tutorial we’ve prepared to help manage and organize your time.  You’ll be less stressed, on top of your studies and still have time to be social. Remember, everyone gets 24 hours in their day – make your time work for you!  


It is important to learn information rather than memorize information in college. However, memory and learning are intricately connected.  Learn how to use your memory to enhance your learning.

Test Preparation:

You know the scenario – you have a test, you studied for the test, you are ready for the test.  You walk into the classroom feeling somewhat confident and ready to go.  The instructor hands out the test and you start scanning through the questions, and then…..BLANK!  You can’t think of one thing you studied! 

Learn how to avoid situations like that by watching our tutorial on preparing for tests. Also, if you are one of the many students who are affected by test anxiety, be sure to watch our tutorial on how to keep it in check

Textbook Reading:

How often have you read a section in your textbook and thought, “I have no idea what I just read!”?  Or tried to read an entire chapter the night before class and not remembered reading a single thing? You’re not alone. College students constantly struggle with textbook reading; not only with the large amount of reading but with the complexity of the information.

Watch our short tutorial on how to learn and retain the information you are reading. 

If you are a Nursing student visit the ASC to learn about our Turbo Read Program; it can help you improve your reading rate and comprehension. Turbo read is reserved for Nursing students and will be located in the Nursing lounge, Fisher Lab 110, St. Marys Lab, Library, Verizon Lab DRs computer.

Note taking:

When taking notes, students need to actively listen to the lecture, pay attention to instructor cues and know what information to actually write down.  Easy? Yeah right! There are tons of factors students struggle with when taking notes; instructor accent, instructor talks too fast, unsure of what is important information, and on and on.

Watch our tutorial to help learn how to deal with the challenges of note taking and also learn a new method – the Cornell Note Taking Method.

Essay Writing:

A workshop focusing on the need to plan well before you write, what your content should be shaped like, and on the importance to edit and revise accurately after you write your essay. There are reference charts to print off and pin on the bulletin board above your desk.