Family Academic Support

Parents…..Tips on how to support your son or daughter at college

The first year of college can be exciting, challenging and a major transition in the lives of both students and their parents.  There are a lot of changes to get used to. You want to support your child, you miss your son or daughter, but you no longer see them every day to know how to support them.  You’re still emotionally involved in your child’s trials and successes and it can be frustrating to be at the other end of a phone call, a text message, or an e-mail without actually seeing or hearing them to get the “whole story”. They’re all “grown up”. You’ve given them the roots and now it’s time they used their wings. But they still need you.

There are academic, financial, independence and social transition issues. You still need to provide a loving safety net, send care packages and e-mails, visit with the family dog when you can, and know that now home is where comforting familiar food and free laundry is. And here’s how you can help even more:

  • Help them to think critically and have opinions! And back up those opinions with facts. That’s what college studies is all about.
  • Assist them to manage their personal budget well and live within their means.
  • Encourage good personal time management with time allotted for classes, study time (yes, 2-4 hours a day), workout and sports, part time employment, 8 hours of sleep (so you can listen in class).
  • Help them have faith in making good decisions & life choices for themselves …..alchohol, sex, eating habits, choice of friends, school work, personal health care
  • Support them while they transition from old high school friends to making new friends from many different settings; it’s a huge change

Want to talk with a parent who has already been through it? Contact Carma Horner