Gender Studies Minor

Program Designation:   Minor

Program Contact: Dr. Helene Lawson

Want to learn more about men and women? (And who doesn’t?) Why we don’t always communicate well with each other? How gender roles are changing? Our minor in gender studies will address all of those issues and more.  

In our program, you will study relationships between men and women of all racial and ethnic groups. Examine the place of men and women in culture and society. Learn more about traditional and nontraditional sex roles within work and family. Review distorted media images of men and women. Discuss communication problems between the sexes. 

You will also look at changing gender roles. Women in male-dominated professions such as car sales. And men in female-dominated professions such as nursing. Individuals with different sexual orientations. And people who identify with the other gender such as transsexual and transgendered individuals.

The minor in Gender Studies can be earned by completing SOC 0201 Sociology of Gender and 12 additional credits (four courses) of electives. Three of the elective courses must be upper level. Courses taken must cover at least three disciplines. Course prerequisites cannot be waived. 

Lower Level   Electives

Upper Level   Electives 

Total Credits for Minor: 15