Haley, Tammy

Haley Tammy
Dr. Tammy Haley - Director of Nursing and Radiological Science, Associate Professor of Nursing, and Coordinator of the RN-BSN Program

Contact Information

254 Swarts Hall

Degrees and Credentials

Ph.D. Nursing University of Pittsburgh
M.P.H. University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health
M.S.N. University of Pittsburgh
B.S.N. Georgia College and State University
A.S.N. Macon College

Academic focus

Dr. Haley has taught in the classroom and clinical setting in the ASN and RN-BSN completion program.  Courses taught include: Clinical Calculations, Comprehensive Nursing I, II, & III, Health Promotion & Physical Assessment, Nursing Research, Women's Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing.

Short Bio

With more than 25 years of nursing experience in a variety of patient care settings as a Registered Nurse and Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Haley has been a member of the nursing faculty at Pitt-Bradford since 2003, serving as Coordinator of the RN-BSN program since 2007, and Director of Nursing and Radiological Science since 2014.  

Research, accomplishments, and publications:


  • Distinguished Alumni Award for Teaching and Dissemination, 2017.  University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.
  • Appalachian Regional Commission Teaching Fellow, 2016. 
  • President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Scholarship, and Service, 2016.  University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.
  • Keynote Speaker, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, Honors Convocation, April, 2014
  • Chair's Faculty Teaching Award, 2012.  University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, ANCC, 2003 - 2018
Certified Pediatric Nurse, ANCC, 1992 - 2002

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Haley, T., (2012). Personal, Environmental, and Behavioral Factors Influencing Condom Use in Rural Youth. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh.

Haley, T., Puskar, K., & Terhorst, L., (2011).  Psychometric Properties of the Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders (SCARED) in a Rural High School Population. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, 24(1), 23-32.  doi: 10.1111/j.1744-6171.2010.00264.x

Puskar, K., Stark, K., Northcut, T., Williams, R. Haley, T., (2010) Teaching kids to cope with anger:  Peer education.  Journal of Child Health Care. doi: 10.1177/1367493510382932

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Puskar, K., Ren, D., Bernardo, L.M., Haley, T., & Stark, K.M., (2008).  Anger correlated with psychosocial variables in rural youth.  Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing, 31(2), 71-87. doi: 10.1080/01460860802023513