Subject: PSY

Course Number : 1318

Course Title:  Children's Media & Socialization

Course Description:

This course would focus on critical consumerism of popular childhood-oriented media portrayals of psychological health and developmental tasks, which may include conflict resolution, adult assistance, risk behaviors, locus of control, etc.; influential factors such as stereotypes, socioeconomic status, and “white washing”/ethnic gloss of casts, among others may also be examined. Topics for which media will be examined may include stereotype promotion, diversity issues, educational / socioemotionally sound themes, etc.; media examined may include television programs, movies, books, manga / comics / graphic novels, music including videos, etc

Credit Hours: 3 cr

GE: None       Non-Western  /Global 

Prerequisite:  Completion of PSY 0101 and all competencies is required before taking upper-level PSY courses

Course Level: upper level