Subject: PS

Course Number : 1449

Course Title:  CAPSTONE 1: RESEARCH METHODS (Political Science)

Course Description:

Research Methods is the first course in a two-semester Capstone sequence.  Students are expected to enroll in Capstone 1 as juniors and to take Capstone 2 in the subsequent semester.  Capstone 1 introduces students to research methods used by political scientists and historians, focusing on a seminar theme.  Students will gain a working knowledge of the theory and practice underlying diverse methods of inquiry.  Students will be introduced to computer software used in conducting research.  The course will help students to formulate a research question, develop a literature review, and craft a research design for their Capstone research papers.  Additionally, students will consider career and graduate study opportunities, developing individualized professional development plans.

Credit Hours: 3 cr

GE: None       Non-Western  /Global 


Course Level: upper level